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Killer Whale Safari

See Orcas or Killer Whales in their natural environment and still be home for bed ! Your day trip destination to see the Orcas or Killer Whales is in the fjords to the far north of Norway, and one area in particular where every year large numbers of Orcas congregate.

From there you will set off by ocean-going boat to witness these extraordinary creatures at close hand, amid the spectacular scenery of the Norweigen fjords where you are almost certain to also witness the majestic sea-eagles. There is also an option to see the Orcas closer still from the sea level vantage point of an inflatable craft. For the more adventurous there is even an opportunity to swim with Killer Whales.

Your destination is Tysfjord, deep inside the Artic Circle where every October vast quantities of herring accumulate over winter. Naturally they are followed by an estimated 600-700 Orca whales which enjoy feeding on them, as do the White tailed sea eagles.

If a day trip to watch killer whales is too short for you, or you have experienced their rhythmic charms before and wish to spend more time, then we have a number of dates available on one of our long weekend whale watching trips.

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